Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery Services During Covid-19 Restrictions

L’Ardoise Takeout and delivery from 11:45 0590.77.41.97
Bananiers Takeout and delivery only 0590.27.93.48
Baz Bar Takeout and delivery 11:30 – 14:00, 18:30-22:00
Black Ginger To Go Takeout 0590.29.21.03
Boucherie Ché Yo Open normal hours, please keep a safe distance from other clients, wait outside if needed. 0590.27.54.34
Le Bouchon Takeout
Burger Palace Takeout and delivery only 0590.51.27.74
La Cantina Tapas takeout 0590.27.55.66
Chef’s Market Produce, meats, seafood, and cheese 0590.59.12.31 Now available to individuals.
Chez Rolonde Takeout Plat du Jour and Bokits 0590.27.51.42
Eddy’s Takeout 0590.27.54.17
Epicerie de Corossol Open normal hours, but their terrace is closed. All sandwiches etc. must be takeout
La Crêperie Takeout and Delivery only 0590.27.84.07
La Guerite Takeout 18:30 -22:00, preorder at 0590.27.71.83
Kiki-é-Mo Takeout and delivery 0690.58.78.71
La Licorne Takeout only 0590.87.37.93
Maya’s To Go Takeout beginning Tuesday 3/17 – 0590.29.83.70
Papa’s Pizza Takeout and Delivery 18:00-22:00 0590.29.87.76
Le Papillon Ivre Takeout 18:30-22:30 0690.73.25.30
La Petite Colombe Takeout only, please respect social distancing
0590.27.95.27 (Columbier)
0590.29.74.30 (Lorient)
QG/Quartier General Takeout only 11:45-13:45 0590.87.41.36
Sayolita Takeout only 0590.27.13.30
Shatira SBH Takeout and delivery only 0590.27.68.67
So Cuisine Takeout only 0590.52.06.64
La Terrasse Takeout and delivery from 11:45 0590.27.52.21
Victoria Takeout only, including pizza 0590.27.73.00
Zion SBH Plat du Jour takeout on Wednesday from 12:00-13:00, order by phone 0590.27.63.62
Au Regal Closed
Black Ginger Closed
Café Gloriette Closed
Jojo Burger Closed
Modjo Closed
Nikki Beach Closed
Orega Closed
Shellona Closed
Le Ti St Barth – Closed