Taxi Services St Barts

St Barts taxi services can be very helpful on your trip. It is a good idea to write down a few of the taxi service phone numbers and keep them on-hand. The taxi services can help with airport pick-up, drop-off, and evening rides back to your hotel or villa.
During high-season parking in Gustavia can be difficult so arranging a driver can make things easier.

  • JC Taxi
  • 10 passenger Van
  • Day and Night Service
  • Fluent French and English
  • Tel: 0690-49-02-97
  • Email: jctaxi
  • Karine Taxi Services St Barts (Karine Greaux)
  • Day and Night Taxi Service
  • Hyundai Microbus, Air Conditioned, Can hold up to 8 people
  • tel: 0690 50 91 24
  • tel:0690-45-43-53
  • Bruno Beal Taxi
  • Gustavia
  • tel: 0690 63-04-39

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