Beaches of St Barts

St Barts has spectacular beaches! Over twenty magnificent Caribbean white sand beaches around the different parts of the island. The beaches are uncrowded and it is fun to go spend an afternoon at a variety of different beaches on your trip. Topless bathing is allowed on all beaches; nude sunbathing is prohibited on St Barts but occasionally some people break this law. All beaches are open to the public.

Due to surf and currents, some beaches are better for recreational swimming than others. Check with Forum members to get advice. A few of the beaches have some decent surfing… St Barts Surfing

St Jean Beach

One of the more popular beaches on St Barts with beautiful sand and very clear water. Several hotels and restaurants are in the area making it a convenient beach for island visitors. The airport runway ends at St Jean beach. This is where the very popular photos of the airplanes taking off and landing are taken.

Flamands Beach

Flamands Beach is wide and long with beautiful turquoise water. This photo was taken from the road above that leads out to Colombier, looking down the beach towards “Cheval Blanc / St-Barth Isle de France”.
The surf at Flamands beach is moderate (but it can get rough in the winter so be cautious!). Fantastic beach!

Saline Beach

Probably the best known St Barts beach, beautiful and highly photographed. The famous entry dunes. Saline Beach is a bit off the beaten path but is wide, deep, undeveloped, and has very nice sand and scenery. The waters off the beach are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Nudity is frowned upon on the island, actually illegal but going topless is accepted and Saline and Gouverneur are popular topless beaches.

Colombier Beach

For good reasons, Colombier is the favorite beach of many SBHOnline members and island visitors.
Colombier beach can only be reached by walking one of two trails (20 to 30 minutes) or by boat. It is an awesome beach tucked in a cove out at the tip of the island and well worth the hike.

Wear walking shoes, bring water and food (there are no nearby services). Tip The night before you go to Colombier freeze several water bottles and put them in your pack. The bottles will keep your snacks cold and will provide nice cold drinking water for your day at the beach.

Colombier is another good snorkeling spot on St Barts.


Gouverneur Beach

A beautiful beach on the south side of St Barts just west of Saline. Gouverneur Beach is a definite visit while on your vacation. Fantastic scenery, with surrounding cliffs and islands in the distance. The waters at Gouverneur are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. (Gouverneur is another popular topless sunbathing location… so heads up, or down)

Lorient Beach

Lorient beach is a nice family oriented beach, reef-protected, with calm to moderate surf. It is not a very deep beach so during high-tide it gets pretty small. The waves are much larger on the east side, a popular place for surfing and bodysurfing. It is centrally located and just around the corner from St Jean beach.
It is a great spot to relax, picnic, and watch people surf.
Try this link to a Bubble taken on Lorient Beach

Shell Beach

Shell beach is just that- the beach is covered with millions of small shells. It is a popular beach with a lovely restaurant right on the beach. Easily accessible and a good spot for snorkeling.

Toiny Beach

Toiny beach is located at the shores of Grand Fond and is set in an absolutely spectacular landscape. This area is another popular spot to surf on St Barts Island but Toiny beach can have strong rip currents so it is not recommended for recreational swimming.

There is a nice hiking trail that heads out to the point where you can view the western shore of the island, and watch the open ocean waves crash into the jagged rocky shore. Another cool thing to go see at Toiny Beach, nestled in the palm grove behind the beach are structural remains of an old homestead.

Petite Anse Beach

A small beach between Flamands and Colombier. If the water is calm this is a great place for snorkeling.

Anse des Cayes Beach

Anse des Cayes is a small village between St. Jean and Flamands and has several villas and a rocky beach.

Grand cul de Sac

Located on the northeast coast of St Barthelemy, a truly beautiful part of the island.
This beach/area has several hotels, restaurants and facilities nearby… you can rent jet-skis, sailboards, kite-surfers, stand up paddleboards, clear bottom kayaks, etc. Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach will be breezy… some might say windy. Great for kite surfing, wind surfing, and sailing. It is a great area for swimming with shallow waters extending out off the beach.

Corossol Beach

Corossol beach is a relatively small beach located right off the road in the village of Corossol. Many fishing boats are pulled up on shore or moored just offshore. This beach has a distinct local vibe and it is a fantastic place to take some sunset photos.



Marigot Bay is a calm water, nature reserve with several villas located around the shore. Marigot is a nice place to go snorkeling, calm and peaceful. The beach itself is almost gone due to storm erosion. There is a small pull-out parking spot just across the street making it easily accessible for a quick swim or snorkel.

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