News & Events Around St Barts

St Barths To Re-Open Borders on June 22

Renting a private villa is an ideal option for those concerned about social distancing while on vacation President Bruno Magras … read more

Tradewind Aviation flights will be suspended after 2020-Mar-22, until at least 2020-April-15

The government of St Barth is restricting air service per the following deadlines. Passengers may travel to St Barth until … read more

Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery Services During Covid-19 Restrictions

OPEN L’Ardoise Takeout and delivery from 11:45 0590.77.41.97 Bananiers Takeout and delivery only 0590.27.93.48 Baz Bar Takeout and delivery 11:30 … read more

St Barts Events Schedule

March 2020 St. Barths Events Mi-Careme: March 19, 2020 Religious and Public Holiday. Enjoy parades and parties during this celebration … read more