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Accommodations St Barts: Villa Rentals & Hotels

The primary type of vacation accommodations on St Barts are private villas which are available to rent by the week.
There are approximately 350 private villa rentals on St Barts in all price ranges from one bedroom villas on the beach to seven bedroom compounds overlooking the ocean. Villas represent about 70% of the available rooms on the island. Villa rental agencies will give you the largest selection to choose from, and agencies will also provide some very helpful services including having your villa provisioned in advance of your arrival.

St Barts Villa Rentals

Descriptions and photos of over 300 St Barts villa rentals. Small, Large, beachfront or on the hillside. The best selection of St Barts villas available!
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St Barts Hotels

St Barts hosts some of the finest luxury hotels in the Caribbean combining superior dining and premier services.
We list our SBHonline featured St Barts hotels, cottages and other island accommodations.
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Villa Rental Agencies

The first villa rental on St. Barts was in 1975 when most villas were modest Caribbean cottages.
Today there are over 350 island villas. Our featured rental agencies can help you pick the best suited villa and location for your vacation.
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Where To Stay? Beach or Hillside?

Many people vacationing in the Caribbean look for a villa rental or hotel directly on the beach. St Barts island, however, is very different than most Caribbean islands. Being “on the beach” is not as easy, or as important. Why? First, the “best” beaches (generally considered to be Saline beach and Gouveneur beach) do not have villas or hotels on them, their appeal is that they are largely undeveloped. Second – the view. St Barts is very mountainous and the villas and hotels that are not on the beaches are generally perched on hillsides with incredible vistas. The view from these locations can be truly spectacular. That said, there are some terrific villas and hotels directly on the beach. For those that like the ocean to be mere steps away try St Jean beach or L’Orient beach.

Stay In A Quiet Location or Walking Distance to Shops and Restaurants?

St Barts is a mountainous and curvaceous island that you will need a car to navigate as there is no public transportation. This is not the type of place where you will hole up in your resort for a week venturing out by cab once or twice. No matter where you stay, you’ll want a car to drive to the beaches, the restaurants and the shops. Exploring is part of the St. Barts experience. You can get anywhere on the island in about fifteen minutes. If having shops and restaurants within walking distance is important to you, look for lodging in villas or hotels in Gustavia or St. Jean.

How to Decide?

The SBHonline forums are a great place to get more information on your lodging decision. Tell people what criteria is important to you and how much you want to spend and you will receive some great suggestions and valuable advice from a group of people that know and love this island.

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