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Transportation to St Barths. The little resort island is not the easiest place to get to (which is generally considered a good thing) but with decent travel plans the trip is fine and you can have some fun along the way. St. Barts is a small island just under 10 sq/miles, located 22 miles southeast of St. Martin, and 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. The St. Barts airport can only accommodate smaller planes with capacities around 20 passengers. Commercial jets require a longer runway and cannot land on St Barts.

When Flying to St Barts You Will Have To Make At Least One Connection.

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You Will First Have To Get To One Of These Connecting Airports.

To St Barths Via St Maarten Airport (SXM)

Getting to St Barts via St Maarten is the most common way to get to St Barts.
Fly to St Maarten (Princess Juliana International Airport) and then take a short 10 minute shuttle flight to St Barts.
St Maarten Airport (SXM) has daily flights to/from Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Paris, San Juan, Toronto, Washington (Dulles), (many more check your local airport for service to SXM)
St Barts serviced to/from St Maarten by:

To St Barths Via San Juan Airport (SJU)

Getting to St Barts via San Juan Puerto Rico, Fly to San Juan Puerto Rico, and then take a one-hour flight directly to St Barts eliminating the St Maarten airport (and its potential hassles).
San Juan airport has daily flights to/from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, Baltimore, Hartford, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Washington DC.
St Barts serviced to/from San Juan by:

To St Barths Via Antigua Airport (ANU)

The Antigua route can be excellent for UK travelers. Tradewind Aviation flights are timed to work with the British Airways flights to and from London. Antigua Airport has daily flights to/from London (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic), New York, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and Frankfurt.
St Barts serviced to/from Antigua by:

To St Barths Via St Thomas Airport (STT)

St Thomas has daily flights to/from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Washington DC.
St Barts serviced to/from St Thomas by:

Taking The Ferry Service to St Barth’s From St. Maarten

St Barts can be reached by ferry services or charter boat from St Maartin Island
There are multiple daily ferry trips between St Maartin and St Barts so check each providers timetable to provide the most convenient departure. Great Bay Express Ferry and Voyager Ferry St Barts Ferry Schedules

Water Taxi / Private Boat Charters to St Barts via St. Maarten… A nice option!

There are several private boat charter companies that you can schedule water taxi service from St Martin to St Barts, This option will be more expensive than the ferry but very cool, and very enjoyable.

Yannis Marine

Yannis Marine provides private boat taxi service from St Martin to St Barts. They have an excellent fleet of well-kept boats, offering luxury, speed and style.
Contact Yannis Marine for current boat taxi rates to and from St Barts.

Here are a few companies that can make planning your trip easier.

Wimco – Complete St. Barts Vacation Specialists

WIMCO is the leading villa rental company on St Barts and they can make planning your entire trip to the island very easy. One phone call, tell them your travel dates and where you will be coming from, they will schedule the best travel itinerary available. Wether it be charter or scheduled flight arrangements, villa or hotel reservations, car rentals, boat trip/transfers, restaurant reservations, babysitters, private chef services.
WIMCO is highly recommended, very professional, and will make your trip to St Barth’s very easy.
WIMCO St Barts

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Air St. Maartin – St Barts Connections Specialists

Specializing in Seamless Flight Connections to St Barts.
Shared Charter Flights From St. Maarten To St Barts starting at $350 per person
Private Charter Flights From St. Maarten To St Barts starting at $1,650 for the whole aircraft.

Organizing and coordinating commercial flights, private or shared charters with VIP services to and from St Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua, San Juan Puerto Rico, Aruba, and throughout the Caribbean.
Tel: 1-721-523-3564   |   Fax: 1-866-503-0347
Email: AIR SXM   |  
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Getting To St Barts.. Travel Tips and Advice

Planes do not fly to St. Barts at night (no lights at the airport!)
So if flying to St Barth’s is your preferred transportation option make sure you arrive on St. Maarten in time to catch the last flight of the day at 4:50 p.m. If your timing does not work you can take one of the St Barts ferry services listed below. Another option some St Barts travelers do is to spend a night on St Maarten and leave for St Barts the next day.

St Maarten Airport & Delays
When flying to St Barth’s through St. Maarten baggage delays/problems may happen. If at all possible, bring only carry-on luggage
or at least bring a carry-on bag with a few of your mandatory items. (As mentioned above, you can now also avoid St. Maarten entirely if you fly directly from San Juan SJU to SBH.

The In Transit Gate
The rules and regulations regarding the In Transit gate change constantly so be sure to check what is being said in the discussion forums before you go.

Ferry Dock to Airport St Maarten
It is about a 20 minute cab ride from the St Maarten airport to the other side of the island where the ferries to St Barth’s depart. When using the ferry services to connect with flights don’t cram things. Allow extra time at each end… No stress.