Gustavia Harbor St Barts
St Barthelemy French West Indies   17.55° North 62.50° West

The Insiders Vacation Guide To St Barts

Get To Know The Sights Tastes & Sounds of St. Barthelemy

St Barts, St Barthelemy or St Barths… all will take you to the same wonderfully quaint Caribbean island.
Located in the French Caribbean approximately 18 miles SE of St Martin and 27 miles from Anguilla.
St Barts is a unique place… there is just a special feeling you get when your on this island. A relatively small island only about 15 miles long, a St Barts vacation does not include towering casino hotels or mega resorts, its allure comes from the islands intimacy, ideal climate, and Caribbean charm. The island has several of the Caribbean’s best beaches… uncrowded and tucked away in distinguishable coves with crystal clear water and sensational views. The capital city (Gustavia) is surrounded by a small protected harbor with excellent shopping and hosts many of the Caribbean’s best restaurants & cafes.

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    Find Your Perfect St Barts Villa

    Part of the fun of your vacation is choosing the ideal villa rental for your needs. Beachfront or up on the hillside? East or West side?
    Below we’ve provided some categories to get you started… Or you can view the full list of villas. If you have any questions let us know; we have travel planners available that can assist with any of your planning needs.

    St Barts Restaurants

    Dining out in St Barts is one life’s great pleasures, and the island is considered by many to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean.
    We’ve included a comprehensive St Barts restaurant guide, including bistros, bars, cafes as well as reviews from visitors.
    If you’ve been to St Barts recently, we also have a restaurant forum where you can share your culinary experiences.

    The St Barts Beaches

    St Barts has over twenty magnificent Caribbean white sand beaches located around the different parts of the island. The beaches are uncrowded and each one has its own distinct flavor. It is fun to explore a variety of beaches on your trip. Topless bathing is allowed on all beaches, but nude sunbathing is officially prohibited on St. Barts. All beaches are open to the public.

    Photo Galleries, Webcams, Maps

    Photography around St Barts is exceptional! We have received hundreds of SBHonline member photos through the years and host them for site visitors to enjoy. The mix of professional and amateur shots deliver a nice feel for the island.

    Activities Around St Barts Island

    The Caribbean! Beautiful clear waters, white sand beaches, and a picturesque mountainous landscape perfect for hiking, photography, sunning, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, or just relaxing in the shade under a tropical palm. Here are a few island activities and service providers.