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St Barths To Re-Open Borders on June 22

Renting a private villa is an ideal option for those concerned about social distancing while on vacation President Bruno Magras … read more

Ongoing SBH-Related Coronavirus Information

An ongoing SBH-Related Coronavirus Information forum thread is being maintained in the SBHonline forums at this address. SBH-Related-Coronavirus-Information

2020-April-01 ARS Update Covid-19 St Barts

April 1 update from ARS Guadeloupe: St Barth There are no new cases on St Barth. Previously reported were a … read more

2020-March-29 ARS Covid-19 Update

Here is the March 29 update from ARS Guadeloupe: There are 4 new case on St Martin, for a total … read more

2020-March-23, Covid-19 Update from ARS Guadeloupe

March 23 update from ARS Guadeloupe: Two new cases on St Martin, for a total of 8, including 2 who … read more

Tradewind Aviation flights will be suspended after 2020-Mar-22, until at least 2020-April-15

The government of St Barth is restricting air service per the following deadlines. Passengers may travel to St Barth until … read more

Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery Services During Covid-19 Restrictions

OPEN L’Ardoise Takeout and delivery from 11:45 0590.77.41.97 Bananiers Takeout and delivery only 0590.27.93.48 Baz Bar Takeout and delivery 11:30 … read more

March 12, 2020 – St-Barth is not part of the Travel Restriction Countries

Collective De Saint-Barthelemy March 12, 2020 The United States of America decided that from March 13, 2020 foreigners who have … read more

No Corona Virus Epidemic on St Barts as of March 09, 2020

No Corona Virus Epidemic on St Barts as of March 09, 2020 Reassuring news coming from the ARS (French Governmental … read more

ARS Update – Unchanged March 09, 2020

Still 1 confirmed case on SBH, isolated at home. Still 2 confirmed cases on St Martin, in the French-side hospital. … read more