Happy Veterans Day 2011


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To all those who have served and continue to serve.

Ensign JEK in the Sea of Japan circa 1970


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In Canada,it's called " Remembrance Day",and most everything is closed,at least until afternoon .From the National War Memorial in Ottawa,to the cenotaphs in every city and town,Canadians stop for one minute of silence at the eleventh hour


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Wow, that is an awesome photo!!!!!
Cheers to all our Vets, and especially you, JEK, in thinking of you, bought a bottle of VC rose at Segeco today :)


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We will remember our veterans tomorrow at the high school. Every year there is a nice ceremony with music and readings. Our veterans can speak if they want. Then a wreath is layed at the Town Hall memorial. It's very nice.


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IMHO. The military, LEOs, courts, etc. are a necessary evil on this planet. I just hope we always have the right folks for the right job that they do so well well and unselfishly. Many decisions "from above" we might question. But, these heroes follow through. Yep.

I've never served in the military, I was always a civilian sidekick. Met some of the most determined, competent and dedicated folks one could ever want to meet. Way better than most I met in my Wall Street days.

Have a Marine bud coming from his fifth and last tour to Iraq next month. We're just praying he's here in one piece next month. He just laughs and says "It's what we do. At least y'all won't treat me the way the Viet guys were so shamefully treated." Needless to say - he's getting a hero's welcome. Respect them for what they've done for us at great personal expense.


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Nice shot! to all vets, thank you for your service. "America, land of the free because of the brave"

MIke R

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no see Andy is a tough read because he is feisty all the time...but with some of you, one can set ones clock on your moods and your post tones... :D