Phone Calling St Barts

All St Barth phone numbers, both land line and mobile, are in the 590 country code.

An example St Barts phone number: 0590 27 71 83
When dialing a St Barts number from the US you drop the leading zero on the 10-digit local number and add 590.

To call from the US dial
011 (for international,)
590 (SBH Country code),
and the 10-digit number without the leading zero.

So using the example phone number: 0590 27 71 83

To call this number from the US you would dial: 011 590 590 27 71 83

  • All local phone numbers in St Barth are 10-digit numbers.
  • Land lines begin with 0590.
  • Mobile numbers begin with 0690.
    In France, the person making the call pays for calls to a mobile number, unlike in the US where both parties may pay. As a result, your villa phone (land line) may be blocked from dialing a 0690 number.
  • Local numbers used to be 6-digit numbers, generally beginning with 27.
    You will still see some numbers listed as 27 xx xx or 27x xxx.
    Assume that they are land lines and add 0590 to the front when dialing.