Voltage Requirements on St Barts

st-barts-voltage-convertors When traveling to SBH from the United States, you will need to account for both a different electrical socket and a different voltage level.
Electricity on St Barts operates at 220 volts. As such, to run U.S. appliances you will need an adapter Most villas will have adapters but it is a good idea to ask before you get there. Adapters only cost a few dollars so if you have several electronics with you… laptop, phone chargers, hairdryers, etc, it’s a good idea to pickup an extra adapter or two to take back to the villa. Or ask you villa agent or owner if they can supply you with extras.
WiFi is found in many villas and free WiFi is found in many establishments, mostly free of charge
Radioshack carries adapters if you want to get one before you go.International adapter plugs

Most devices, laptops, mobile phones, iPods, cameras, etc. will work on a range of voltages and will say something like “Input 100-240V” on the charger. If yours does, then all that you need is an adapter plug to convert from the 2 blades of a US plug to the 2 round prongs of a French plug.
Your hotel or villa may have them. They can be purchased for a few Euros at the airport gas station (straight back past the cashier to the next room, look on the left wall), or at the hardware stores in Public. There are slightly larger adapters that include a ground, and they cost a bit more.
You would likely have a problem with a curling iron or a hairdryer, in which case you would need a transformer. These are available on St Barth’s although you may not want to spend your vacation in hardware stores! (Alma’s Hardware does carry transformers and plug adapters.)