One Day / One Night on St Barts

If you only had one day

Say you are on a cruise, and stop off in St Barths for a day trip. The minute you step off the boat on to the quai and take in the sights of picturesque Gustavia you’ll be wishing you’d booked a longer stay. That said, here are our insiders tips for making the most of your short stay.

Walk into town from the ferry terminal, stop at Le Repair for a quick breakfast of café au lait, pain au chocolat, and baguette avec beurre. Suitably fed, window shop as you stroll through town. Rue General de Gaulle is a pedestrian only street, that starts at the legendary Le Select restaurant, and runs for a 100 years to the south. Here you’ll find Cuban cigars, fashionable clothing, island jewelry and M’bolo Rum. Sample their artisian blends, and buy at least one. Walk north on ave Samuel Fahlberg, and turn left following the signs for Shell Beach. Its only a 10 minute walk from the end of the harbor in Gustavia to the beach – so awesome. Swim and relax, then saunter up to have lunch at Shellona, a hopping feet in the sand lunch spot. After lunch, call Gumps rental car company, and they will deliver a car to you at the restaurant. Head uphill out of town, past the old Carl Gustaf hotel, over the mountains that make up Lurin, and then downhill to Saline. Drive past the salt pond to the parking lot, and walk in to one of the most spectacular unspoiled beaches in the Caribbean.

After a lazy swim at Saline, you will have worked up a good thirst. Take the scenic interior route from Saline to Toiny via Grand Fond. Here you’ll find one of the most spectacular stretches of road, with views of mountains and sea. Motor past Le Toiny Hotel over to Grand cul de Sac. Stop in to La Gloriette for a late afternoon snack. This laid back, feet in the sand beach restaurant has a timeless feel, and it’s a good bet that there’s nothing like this back where you come from. Try the conch fritters and Planteur Punch. Or, if you are up for something more active, drive in to the village of St Jean, and spend a few hours at Nikki Beach. This hedonistic beach bar has a DJ, sax player, legendary sushi platters and legendary prices to go along with it.

Your time on St Barths is winding down now, and you need to get back to the ferry dock. Stop in to the MarcheU grocery store and pick up a jambon buerre sandwich, then drive back down into Gustavia. Leave your rental car at the ferry dock with the keys under the visor. You’ll already be planning your next trip back, bet on it.

If you only had one night…

If you only had one night in St Barths, or if you had saved up to do something really special, here is our insiders tip. Start your evening at the Christopher Hotel. The poolside ar is the ideal place to take in the sunset. Their appetizer menu is terrific, as is their wine list. A mixologist is on hand to whip up whatever concoction you can dream up.

After a long lazy sunset session at the Christopher, take a short 2 minute drive to Le Ti St Barths for their Cabaret night. Le Ti has been an island institution for over 20 years, and is a one of a kind steak house/night club. They stage Cabaret Night on a regular basis, and that’s the most interactive and wild dinner party you are ever going to attend. After dinner the tables are cleared, and guests jump up on the tables and start dancing, the energy can be fantastic some nights. If its only one night in St Barths, make it Caberet night at Le Ti.