Connecting to the Internet on St Barts

Most villas now have WiFi so you will have access to the internet and email from your villa. Ask your rental agent or villa owner if the villa has internet access. The same goes for St Barts hotels. Almost every hotel maintains a WiFi account for guests, and offer the passwords on a temporary basis.
There are several places on the island that provide free internet access: Maya’s to Go / St-Jean Le Repaire / Gustavia WIMCO Office directly across the street from the airport

For a Fee – St Barth Telecom, a local private company, has installed a “hotspot” covering Gustavia. You need to buy a connection card to surf without limit from Gustavia.
Contact St Barth Telecom to find out how to get a card.
If connections are very important this might be a good idea because internet access on the island has frequent interruptions so the card may work when regular service is down.

PowerAntilles – (590) 590 87 97 92
Offers short term local accounts to visitors ( $20/week, $65/month), which can be quickly and easily established by email before your arrival. You will also have to pay for the phone

AT&T – International Wireless Roaming Rates St Barts
( 2016 rates. Rates will likely change so check with your carrier prior to leaving on your vacation. )
AT&T Voice: Calls
Placed/Received While in St. Barts
Pay Per Use Voice Rate $2.50 / minute
AT&T International Packages Passport $30 120 MBs (overage $0.25/MB); $1.00/minute
AT&T International Packages Passport Silver $60 300 MBs (overage $0.20/MB); $0.50/minute
AT&T International Packages Passport Gold $120 800 MBs (overage $0.15/MB); $0.35/minute
All packages include unlimited text/picture/video messages sent.
For short trips, choose a one-time Package. Package automatically expires after 30 days.
For longer/many trips, choose a monthly recurring charge. 2-month minimum term required.
AT&T Pay Per Use Messaging Rates Send Text Message $0.50 per message sent
AT&T Pay Per Use Messaging Rates Send Picture and Video Messages $1.30 per message sent
AT&T Pay Per Use Messaging Rates Receive Text, Picture and Video Messages Standard domestic messaging rates