Bringing Children To St Barts

Bringing Children To St Barts

A few tips for kids… from A St Barth’s Forum Member

Clothes and Sun Protection!
The sun is strong in the Caribbean so keep kids covered with light clothes and good sunscreen. A blistering sunburn on a child will take the fun out of your vacation.

Beach/Pool Toys The beaches are the big attraction and you can find pails & shovels, boogie boards and other beach toys as well as noodles, floats and pool toys at several stores.
In St. Jean: Casarina Surf Shop located across the road from Le Pelican Plage and in Lorient: the toy shop located in Marche de LOasis Centre.. Some of the stores in Public also have beach toys.

Activities for/with Children – some options:
Renting a boat for a tour of the harbor and around the island, Snorkeling to look at sea turtles in Lorient. Hiking at La Pointe Toiny with older kids. Collecting shells and sea glass at Shell Beach & other places. Horseback Riding arranged through Saint Barth Equitation at the Ranch des Flamands.

Making pottery at the Blue Gecko Studio in St Jean
A great rainy-day activity
Tel. 0590-27-97-31.
Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Museum in Gustavia is of interest to older kids. Here is a Museum that suits all ages: Interoceans Museum – Tel: 0590-27-62-97. Hours tend to be flexible but are published as: Mon-Sat 9:00a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Entry fee: 3 Euros This marvelous little museum is in the home of Ingenu Magras in Corossol. Monsieur Magras is fascinating & personally describes the wonders of his collection of shells from all over the world, from every ocean and the seven seas. Approximately 9000 shells and examples of sea life are displayed here.

Kids and animals are a natural combination and taking an inventory of animal and bird life in St. Barth is a nice diversion.

St. Barth as an Animal Fair – oh, yes, the birds and the beasts are there.
There are many examples in the Photo Gallery, especially some of the photos entered in the Flora & Fauna contest. A fun game for kids is to name the different animals and birds, etc. and even to count them as you explore the island. There are lizards, iguanas, cattle, horses in Flamands, pelicans, peacocks, roosters, chickens, egrets, mourning doves, sugar birds, parrots, pipers and, of course, goatsmany goats.

Children Watching Children on Parade – If you are on the island around the time of Carnaval, the Childrens Parade is a must-see. It is usually held on the Friday before Carnaval, starts about 2 p.m. Location: The staging area is at the school near Shell Beach; the parade winds around the street at the back of the harbor and then finishes near the Goldfinger store. Good vantage points are near the Anglican Church or along the quay opposite Kudeta & La Cantina. The schools on the island participate, with each class selecting a theme (Knights, French chefs, Pirates, Indians, countries such as Japan, China, Greece have been celebrated — -there is no limit to the imagination that these colorful outfits demonstrate).. The kids are all in costume — -sometimes their mothers are, too. There is music and much merriment. Very informal and fun.

Children-Friendly Restaurants – Beyond the cook-at-your-villa option and take-out, the most-frequently-asked question is: Where can we take the kids to eat? Most restaurants in St. Barts are fine for well-behaved children with the exception of expensive places such as Carl Gustav, Le Gaiac and On the Rocks. I have seen children at these restaurants at times. And if your children are used to dining-out with adults, the Wall House very welcoming.
However, if the children are little and you are concerned about the kid-friendliness of the atmosphere, here are some suggestions. Most of these restaurants either have childrens menus or will prepare dishes such as pasta or a hamburger for kids who are finicky eaters (if you have any concerns, stop by and ask them ahead of time):

In Gustavia:
Le Bistro, La Creperie, Do Brazil, Eddy’s, Kudeta, L’Oubli, The Palace, Le Repaire, Route des Boucaniers, La Saladerie, Le Select, Le Vietnam, Ti Zouk K’fe

In St. Jean:
Andy’s Hideaway,Le Piment,La Plage

In other areas
Le Bouchon, L’Espirit de, Le Grain de Sel, K’fe Massai, PaCri, Le Tamarin

Favorites, from the childrens perspective, La Saladerie and the Hideaway .

Kids love the ice cream & sorbet at La Creperie, Petit Deauville and Route des Boucaniers .

So, by all means bring the children and encourage them to become the St. Barth clientele of the future. Just keep in mind and be respectful of the fact that, for many adults, the island is a romantic getaway place for two.

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