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Been wanting to try Zion since reading all the chatter over the past couple of years, but the menu seemed a bit too adventurous. This summer, the selections appeared more varied, so reservations were made. Having enjoyed Hideaway, the transformation beyond the front door is amazing. What a lovely garden setting! Considered the "Chef's Table", but opted for the regular menu and the four of us were seated at a large round table at the entrance with a view of the entire restaurant. Cocktails were ordered, including a Tí Punch, flute of champagne, Tito's and basil infused creation called a "Nozi". For starters, we had the calamari, smoked burrata, asparagus and stuffed morrels. For the "Plats" it was the Mahi Mahi, raviolis, lamb and the entrecôte. Beautiful presentations, both visually and aurally as our waiter was precise in describing each dish as it was placed in front of us. Fully living up to the hype, the food was amazing and transcended the individual ingredients. After leaving I realized that I had had a similar feeling about Orega, which was a bit of a disappointment last year. Nice to have an option for this style of dining each visit. Dessert were three espresso gourmand plates (namesake martinis for the non-drivers and the third being regular). Not a big fan of café gourmands, and a driver, I opted for three "boules" each of chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream. Just as we began to enjoy our final course, the clouds opened up with the heaviest rain of the past few days and continued for an extended period, making everything even more lush. An apparent leak over the chef's table drove the two couples seated there over toward us. In a "only in St Barth" encounter they had flown over on the SBC flight with our dinner companions and the six of them had crossed paths at several other restaurants prior. More friends made for next year? With the rain subsiding, the check was requested and was accompanied by a plate of miniature lemon glazed madeleines.


Reimonenq (vieux) Tí Punch, sans glaçons


Smoked Burrata with an accompanying tomato Infusion.


Calamari with a green curry sauce, wasabi and cashews.


Mahi-mahi on a bed of coconut, ginger and mint risotto (on top was a square of puffed rice, which made for interesting texture contrasts)


Smoked Chicken Raviolis over a red bean foam and a "spicy sauce" making this a bit cajun-esque.


"Espresso Martini" Café Gourmands


Vanilla, Coffee and Chocolate "Boules"
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Zion has been by far our favorite dining destination on the island, with three visits planned for this years trip. In five visits so far in the last two years, we have not one negative thing to say about our experience. From the food, to the service and the ambiance, one would be hard pressed to find a negative with Zion. Everyone, including chef owner Jean-Baptiste, have been wonderfully friendly on our previous visits.