WIMCO/SBP merger?


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Just got an email about this....wow. Anyone got the deets?

Looks like all the contact info is still WIMCO.

A company bought them both, if I am getting Stile’s story straight. A company that rents luxury villas around the world
. . . a transaction negotiated & closed many months ago (about December 2021, as I recall). I think that what you're seeing simply is a communication to clients of both firms (Wimco & St. Barth Properties) that's intended to identify "re-branding" of the two companies as a new, single entity. It's not surprising in terms of evolution of hospitality on SBH . . . and, I hope, offers the prospect of fresh, positive leadership in a highly competitive marketplace.
We got the notification from SBP several days ago, and WIMCO today. Historically, we’ve mostly used SBP, but have used WIMCO a time or two in our early villa rental years. I received an email from our concierge with whom we reserve our villas annually at SBP, and she confirmed she will continue to be our point of contact for anything we need going forward. Best of luck on the merger to both companies. The families that run them are awesome have our support!
It will be interesting to see how things shake out. We have used both SBP and Wimco (only been to the island 3 times though). We preferred how Wimco handled their on island experience, which has our on island concierge greeting us at the airport and taking us to the villa. We like to give them a gratuity up front so we don't have to track them down later. However, we preferred SBP cancellation policy (which we had to use after Irma hit).

For our upcoming trip, a little under a month away, we selected Wimco. I suspect everything will smooth and probably wouldn't have noticed any difference had we not received the email.

LOL thanks Kevin and others....clearly I am late to the party. Guess I'm not spending enough time here, I'll have to work on that! :cool: Won't be hard with our current countdown.

Anyway, hope the transition is smooth for those who have trips upcoming. We are using neither for this trip so no impact on us.
Long time SBP from Peg's initial foray into villa rentals, no email, but must go back to double check since I was in OCNJ for a week, maybe missed one. When I couldn't sleep the nite before my Tues flite home, I counted not sheep, but # of villa rentals with Peg, 21.