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Timeless Tips is a great place to start your journey to discovering all that this little island has to offer. You will find tips on avoiding mosquitos bites, where to exercise, out of the way spots you might not find on your own and even the fine art of greeting shopkeeper and waiters.

The site has been up and running for 20 years and many of our frequent posters have been members since the early days. Consequently, many members meet in "real life", either on the island or wherever home is when off of the island.

Friendships flourish as members have their special time(s) of the year to visit the island and it isn't at all unusual to bump into forum members daily at lunch, dinner or in the shops. Some might call this a bug rather than a feature, but is is true :)

Because of this familiarity, you may sense barbs being thrown in posts from time-to-time, just like friends do in "real life". We try to be as civil as we would if we were face-to-face, but sometimes slip and offer a retraction, or at least an edit if the foible is caught shortly after the post.

Everything Else, is for extraneous topics other than Politics, Religion, and Other Provocative Topics and tends to be place for jokes, sports and well, Everything Else.

Many other sub-forums deal with travel, food, books and technology.

Take a look around, join our merry band and tell us all about your first trip that we helped you plan!

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