Verbal Trip Report to a Forum Friend


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I just delivered a long verbal trip report to one Moderator Tim in Richmond Virginia. He wanted me send good wishes to all his Forum and island friends.


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Thank you, John, for this report. Such a very lovely flashback to a special friendship.

Long before I knew Tim as a “Mod,” he was a close-by SBH neighbor to Wendy & me when we acquired Villa CEC and undertook renovations to it. Because of Tim’s proximity on SBH & his generous, very kind spirit, he offered Wendy so much in terms of encouragement & help with basic Villa maintenance issues when I was off island, through hurricanes & other travails (even if I were on-island, I’m a klutz at maintenance, so Tim was our “go to” advisor on all Villa matters!).

Very fond greetings to Tim & Rickey.


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Thanks John. I think of Tim quite often.

I loved his WHERE AM I NOW? posts as he tooled around St Barths on his bike when roads were more like trails and dirt than roads. As a moderator Tim was kind and helpful to all. Food wise, he taught us the glory of a Dame Blanche enjoyed at Andy’s Hideaway.He was the first to organize or sponsor or support a forum gathering.

We all learned a lot from a master in congeniality and I sure do miss him too. I am so grateful for the personal invite to participate in the forum and his belief that the forum could use more input from women. He was right again when he said that I had to, simply had to, meet this smart writer named Ellen, formerly from Philly, married to a local and living on St Barths. He was right, a good match.

Thank you so much. I miss your photos and your mischief. Take care and say hi to Rickey for me.


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Tim is the original SBH ironman! I will never forget his adventures of riding his bike over the hills of the island.

Warmest wishes to you, Tim!