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I don't always buy insurance unless we're renting a villa. I'm thinking I need to now since my mom is in the hospital. We leave on the 30th. Is this too close to our departure? I'm concerned that since she's already in the hospital it might be an invalid condition. Any trip insurance company recommendations?
Thanks in advance.



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John is correct. All the travel insurance companies we have worked with require purchase far in advance of a trip. Also with the known condition of your mother being in the hospital two weeks before, I don't believe any company will work with you.


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Check out It allows you to compare policies, but I think you are too close to your departure date, but you never know.



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Best of luck to you Carol and best wishes to your mom...I went through this same thing four years ago due to my mother's illness and was unable to find what I was looking for.


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For three months you will almost certainly have to get a multitrip annual policy. It won't matter if this is your only trip though and it is the best way to secure your trip..


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Try to compare policies. My husband used to give me trouble about buying trip insurance for our trips outside the US, until two years ago, my dad passed away 5 days before our trip, and we had to cancel our St Bart's trip. The insurance paid the full price of the prepaid villa and prepaid hotel deposit. I did, however, purchase the insurance within two weeks of booking our trip. So, I'm not sure about late coverage.
(side note: I insured our Delta tickets, but Delta gave us a year to reuse the full cost of the tickets, as did SBC, so I probably didn't necessarily need to add those expenses into the trip cost for insurance calculations. Well, at least not for a death in the family, don't know about illnesses.)