Traveling with young grandchildren


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Hello everyone, Belinda here. Seems a long time ago since we visited I know it hasn’t been, (6 month) but boy are we ready to come back to this beautiful island.
Formalities done, I have a couple of questions. Our son and daughter in law and 3 young
children 5-3-1 are joining us for our second week. They are getting the ferry from SXM (due to all the luggage they will be bringing and pack n play for the baby 🤦🏼*♀️) however to get the ferry they will need a taxi. My daughter in law is asking what do they do for car seats for the kids in a taxi? Secondly as we are staying right in Gustavia we can walk most places but if we are renting a car for the odd day do the have car seats? I called one of the car companies and she told me she didn’t know if they have them? Secondly is there somewhere I could possibly hire a pack n play to save them bringing it? Long time since I traveled with such young children so any info would be great.. thanks everyone…
I would inquire for help with luggage, car seats and more
I am not sure if you are renting through an agency or not but when we rented through Wimco on our last visit they had a list of items we could rent for the week including tons of baby items:

Pack n play
bottle warments
uv tents
high chairs
changing pads
video monitors
on and on

I'm sure Premium IV could help with whatever you need.

In regards to the car seat..... When we looked, I believed these were available through the car rental agency..... we didn't need one for our trip but we did consider it.
We just returned from St. Barths a couple weeks ago. We had a 7-month-old grandchild. We utilized
Everything was very nice, they delivered to the Villa and picked up at the end. Odile at Gumbs provided us graciously with a nice car seat at no additional cost to our rental.
The thing that PVI can offer is a plane ride over with the luggage handled separately, if needed.
I have done this several times. We have done bring seats and rent seats. You can check the seats free which is nice but it adds to the headache. I recommend renting when you can and getting everything you need from the villa rental company or similar. But, brig a monitor you prefer with an adapter. In the past they gave us a sound only. Also, sounds weird but if your grand children have any specific food they cannot live without bring it. My son used to only love a certain yogurt pouch and one year we didn't bring them... it didn't go well. I bought every yogurt known to man in the market.
Thank you everyone. I just sent an email to Wimco as we are renting from them. I did look into one of the rental companies and it would be $280 to rent a pack and play for a week.. sounds steep but I really don’t want to have to drag one all the way there. Appreciate your help though. I am so looking forward to this trip, one week on our own then the fun arrives with the grandkids.