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We have been here for only a few days so far but a few observations. We usually see a few tortoises, but these last few days we have seen dozens! We have stopped the car to move them out of the way twice, “chased“ one from underneath our parked car in the morning and we have had several wander to the water dish we put out for them. They appeared to be really thirsty…. The island is considerably greener(more green foliage on the hillsides)than we have previously seen. It must have been and still is a wetter season that we have seen. And then lastly, on our morning 2 mile walk/hike, we saw a recently deceased snake just off the road in Vitet. I didn’t think that there were snakes on the island, but we stopped the sanitation worker going by, showed it to him and he said that yes there are snakes on the island, small ones and harmless.
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