Thoughts & Musings Part 1 - Newbies


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We have been here a week and I finally mustered up the energy to type up some sort of an update. The longer we have been coming, the less our trips are about “doing” and more about “being.” However, this is the first trip ever where we brought friends, newbies, along for the ride. They left yesterday and we are now settling into our old routines. The housekeeper comes in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for coffee, fruit and pastries by the pool. Then the arduous task of figuring out what to do for lunch, dinner, beach, etc. Aaaaahhh, St. Barth!


Bringing newbies seems like kind of a crapshoot but we know this couple well and have spent plenty of time together. Super chill and fun to be around. They are well-traveled but self-described as not really “beach people.” That was quickly remedied once they experienced the best of the island beaches. By the end they couldn’t figure out their favorite. Like most of us, they realized the charm in “la différence.”



Due to some food allergies we took care choosing restaurants and also leaned toward more low-key spots. Eddy’s, Le Repaire and Black Ginger with JoJos and Le Bouchon sprinkled in. And they were fortunate to meet island dining superstars P&A for a lovely meal at Tamarin. As you would expect, they loved the bakeries, so we hit them all. Eden To Go has some delicious choices and their newly expanded dining area is nice except for the hideous fake plants on the pergola. Seriously ER?



Seeing the island through newbies’ eyes is super fun. They never tired of the planes, and fortunately our villa has a great airport view. Driving around and the many views/vistas took up much of day 1.They were also struck by the extreme “Frenchness” of the island and commented how it is so much like mainland France. And the people watching!

I have lots more to share but it’s time to read my book, watch the planes and dip in the pool before we head to Nikki Beach. More to come….


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They sure picked a great pair of guides for thir maiden voyage here.

Keep having fun.
So glad you had a good experience with your newbies!! No one can resist the charm of Saint-Barth! (Except the newbies I brought in 2014..they were obviously not worthy..:rolleyes:!..Live and learn..)
What a nice trip report, and glad the newbies enjoy their time in St. Barth with you! Looking forward to upcoming postings, and enjoy your chill time together.