Things Remembered and No Longer There

Winair pilot buzzing the grass / dirt strip to advise the goat / sheep herder to get the flock out of the way so he / we could land!
Also: Alexander Magras, Lou Lou Magras, Porter Henry (Les Amis de St. Barth), Bill Luke, Bill Grover, Bill Hensey, David and Peggy Rockefeller, The Rothschild family; just to mention a couple of those from the late '60s and '70s.

Regular power outages. DARK nights! Early to bed, early to rise.

NO "town" water, just cisterns.
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As of yesterday afternoon, Our unobstructed view to St Kitts and Statia and Saba.

In my pre-move cleanout, I ran across an original copy of Porter Henry's newsletter. Those of us who had the experience of meeting him know that Porter was Porter, unique.
Just started. Some isolated construction sounds that I did not pinpoint...could have been home repairs.
How about Chez Tati, Au Bon Coin, The Beach Club, La Maison Blanche, Le Relais, Les Lauriers, to name a few place no longer around...
The bocci courts heading into Gustavia.

aren't they still there?
the big tournament are now in St Jean on courts near the territorial pool...
I think the courts are still at the entry to Gustavia but just for casual play, training for the tournaments, etc...
not sure if they will survive the next major renovation of Gustavia when the fish market moves
As of yesterday afternoon, Our unobstructed view to St Kitts and Statia and Saba.

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Ugh...that’s unfortunate! The villa we are renting in Lurin this year, different from the last 3 trips staying in Lurin, is right in your neck of the woods. We may be neighbors, in fact. Hope that’s gone by the time we get there!