SXM connection time


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How early do I need to arrive in SXM coming from SBH? I will not have checked bags. Do I really need 3 hours? I’m flying on a Wednesday afternoon in June.


Senior Insider
With no checked bags and boarding pass in hand, I've done the connection back with just over an hour between landing and the departure flight. You don't need 3 hours. 1 1/2 to 2 is fine.


SBH Insider
Last two years, we have had a 12 noon flight from SBH, and a 2:30 departure from SXM, and have had zero issues. 2021 was a little chaotic, with all the covid protocols in place and the inability to get a boarding pass in advance. But 2022 was a breeze and left us with plenty of time to enjoy the terminal in SXM. :(