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I know, Yeesh another Holocaust story. Hard to take another. Well, this book is about the Hidden Children..those given to Christian families, convents, and anyone willing to keep them off the trains to death in the killing Concentration Camps.These survivors have their own story. How they had to forget their Jewish lives and families, learn new religions and their new family’s stories. The parents who never came back, and the adoptions by their saving parents. The parents who came back and were strangers. The PTSD kinds of recovery. The fear of opening up. There were thousands who dealt with dual identities…and all ages from infancy to adolescence. Some were raised with love. Some were resented. Some were abused.

Chilling stories finally came to light, especially after the movie SCHINDLER’S LIST. Their revealing of their pasts to their own spouses and children as worldwide meetings begin to spring up so their story can at last be told and heard.

What wonderful courage to finally let these personal childhood experiences be shared.