St George Island


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Just a quick trip report about SGI. We hadn't really been up to the Panhandle so on the advice of a Friend We took the 4 hour drive. 2 Adults and 6 teenagers. SGI is a barrier island that separates Apalachicola bay from the Gulf of Mexico. It is about 20 miles long and a 5 minute walk wide. One end is a state park. It connects to the mainland at Eastpoint by a 5 mile long bridge. If You are looking for high fashion and fine dinning then this is not for You. My lovely Wife never wore anything other then flip-flops and her running shoes. There is a fish sandwich joint, 2 small markets, a pizza place, several bait shops and a bar that was built in the 20's. This was just perfect for Us. We booked a place through The kids were happy, the Oysters were great, and no sign of BP oil.