Slow News Day Part III


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considering the real name of St Kitts is St Christopher, that should give you a clue...

I was reading this earlier and it kept referring to the island of Saint-Christophe, where in the XVII century, the French colonists from Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy were up-rooted and sent to co-exist alongside some recently displaced English colonists.
Let's just say it didn't go well, and the aforementioned French colonists ended up back on their home islands after a few years. Did I mention that before les Saint-Barths were allowed to rejoin their island, their seigneurs had sent the Irish colonists on Saint-Christophe to Saint-Barth to take the French colonists place ?!

Ever heard the tale of les Magras ?


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St Eustasius is indeed the Dutch name. There is also a French name.

Saint-Eustache ... for the French...

and as for St Kitts the locals here call it just that, but no s... so more like St Keet.. in spite of the actual name of St Christopher/St Christophe...