Slow news day part II.


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Who on the forum can claim the oldest first visit to the island.

Not me @ November 2001.



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I know we have some from the 70's. I think perhaps des enfants de familles fortunées who came with their parents in the 60's ?


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I was supposed to be on St Barths in 1970, but our flight left St Maarten for SBH without us, so instead we flew to Saba for the day,then to St Thomas for a nite followed by visiting my former landlords on St Croix for a week. In reality, late 80's ? more likely 1990 for the 1st time when arrived on the Windstar for a day. We found a taxi & had lunch at the very original Eden Roc(k) where across the street on the corner a field with many many goats. We were hooked after that 1st visit.


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November 1949. I was only 3 but my parents wanted me to be there for the founding of Le Select. :cool: