Saline Beach. Grain de Sel. Black Ginger Dinner.


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Gouverneur beach has always been my absolute favorite. We used to bring baguette sandwiches from La Petit Columbe every day. Today we returned to Saline. It was wondrous. Soft sand. Big waves. Terrific.

Although we are sad L Espirit is closed, we decided to try lunch at Grain de Sel for the first time in 9 trips. We really like creole food so we were quite excited. We were NOT disappointed—superb.

Lucie said her grilled fish of the day (Rockfish) was the best fish of the trip. I loved my goat curry. We didn’t find our desserts great but enjoyed our meals nonetheless.

Dinner was our first time at Black Ginger. They were very warm and welcoming. Nice watermelon amuse. Green curry for Lucie was not too spicy and I enjoyed Massaman Curry. Sorbet for dessert.

The waitress said we could add money for service on the credit card or leave cash, so I added 5 euro. I didn’t expect this here.

Wonderful meal though!


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Ate at Grande de Sel twice last trip due to L’Esprit closing. Not comparable though wonderful creole. Enjoy!


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I just had to get you guys upright.

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You and Amy are the best. So helpful in so many ways. We really enjoyed trying Black Ginger and would definitely return again. Tonight is our last night. Plan to return to La Langouste so Lucie can enjoy Langouste! Don’t think we are up to the floating island as we suspect it has meringue?