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Restaurant Recommendations for Guests with an their Infant


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Have guests arriving to stay at our villa in Saline in early April, and they have asked for restaurant recommendations where they can enjoy a meal out, and be accompanied by their infant daughter. Its been a while since my kids were little, so not sure where to recommend. Any suggestions Forum?


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I would say they would be welcomed anywhere - the isle is a small dog and small child friendly area! The parents might be more comfortable at the Hideaway, Le Repaire, B4, Eddy's, Cote Port, Wall House or any of the smaller venues. No place will seat a party before 7:00 PM, so the early-bird special is out. We have a few current practitioners and specialist on the subject who may weigh in shortly.

MIke R

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the island is absolutely little kid friendly....just be aware that not all restaurants have booster seats...some simply stack a bunch of chairs one on top of the other...so ask before you reserve..

we traveled with a portable booster seat so it wasnt an issue with us


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Last year, our then six month old seemed to enjoy lunch at Le Select, La Gloriette, Le Repair, and La Plage. There was always lots going on, and it was easy for one of us to walk around with her if necessary. Dinners were a bit tricky, but we took her to Andy's, Ti Zouk K'fe, and Entre Deux.

At the time, she was able to sit in her car seat or stroller while we dined.

She's on the move now, so our next trip in a few months will present a whole new set of challenges.