Our first 2 week visit


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What a fantastic visit!!! We really enjoyed ourselves!! It was busy for the Memorial Day weekend, but then really settled down. I can't image what it was like during high season. We met a newbie couple in SXM airport from the Detroit area. They were so excited to be going. We ended up seeing them at Nao, and enjoying cocktails with them. They got the SBH bug!!

We started with 3 nights at Les Mouettes. What a perfect place to unwind. I did confirm that they are only taking reservations for long term rental, at least 3 weeks, but they would entertain shorter requests if they have space. I love having the bakery and grocery across the street. We then moved to villa Chloe, which we love. The road to the villa is awful!! I hope Marla Villas can convince the owner to put some gravel on the road this summer. We had the small Kia, so it was challenging to find our route through the rocks/holes. Besides the road, Chloe was everything we needed. Love the family of goats that came by daily.

Due to the sargassum, we spent just about everyday at St Jean. What a beautiful beach!! The water was warm and that blue shade is so amazing. We sat just past Nao, and were able to enjoy their music, not too much techno drum beat. We were able to get 2 days on Gouverneur before the sargassum got too bad. This is our favorite beach, so we were disappointed that it was so bad. Shell Beach was not too bad.

Just some thoughts:
Nao - best spinach salad we have ever had
Recommend the tempura shrimp and sea bass
We went on a Sunday, and a couple of tables tried to make it Nikki "lite" it did not work

Sand Bar - ate there twice. Everything was delicious, as usual with great service.

Les Bananiers - also ate there twice
Pizza - so good
Foie Gras ravioli - Bill probably could have had seconds

Grain de Sel - we really enjoy our lunches here. The day we went there were only 3 tables in use.
Thai tuna noodle salad - great starter to share
The veal and the roasted chicken were delicious

Burger Palace - we ordered the medium size patties. They were huge!! A small would have been plenty

Shellona - love the feta wrapped in phyllo dough!

Le Guanahani - our favorite toes in the sand lunch!! Such a beautiful location

La Licorne - we took Dadto6's advice and walked here from Les Mouettes. Food was ok, the margaritas were delicious. For only 2 guys running the place, they did an excellent job taking care of the guests. Not sure we would go back, but it was nice to go somewhere new.

Baz Bar - Thai noodle bowls - very good

Le Repaire - chicken with mushroom sauce is so consistently good. No boats in the harbor, just construction to the ferry area

L'isoletta - huge pizzas! Love the thin crust

Le Jardin - the to go sandwiches are so good for a picnic on the beach and plane travel home

Of course I bought the only shirt on the island not on sale :( and neither were the pearls I added to my bracelet.

We did go by Santa Fe to say good bye to David and the staff. They were working hard to get the restaurant cleaned up and emptied out of their supplies. We got one last look out over the water from the balcony. Heavy sigh :( What a special place!!! I did bring home one of their little coke bottles. Now I just have to learn how to make good vanilla rhum to put in the bottle.

The best part of this report, 2024 reservation is secure!!!

Happy early Father's Day to everyone.



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Charlotte, fun reading your trip report. You got an awful lot done!

Thanks for sharing.


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I love the variety of your dining choices! All over the literal map and the price range! Well done!


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What a wonderful report. Cheryl & I just returned from our first 2 week vacation. We are hooked.


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After being there for 2 weeks, anything shorter will not work!! Now I will enjoy everyone's posts and enjoy your vacations until we return.



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After being there for 2 weeks, anything shorter will not work!! Now I will enjoy everyone's posts and enjoy your vacations until we return.

I totally agree. A day trip started us and pre retirement we learned to stretch it out little by little. A week, ten days, two weeks. Then up and back to JFK as many times as we could squeeze in a trip to our happy place! Now, we are living our dream. Thirty years and counting.