Once Again To The Reef III

Jim Kelly-Evans

Senior Insider
For my third and last scuba dive of this trip Serial Divers visited "The Whale," Le Baliene de le Pan de Sucre. This is a small rock that lies to the West of Le Pain De Sucre which resembles the hump back of a whale when viewed from a short distance. The reef below is varied and full of aquatic life and color. I dove to 72 feet and the dive lasted 43 minutes. Here are some photos:

P1250409 (2).jpg

P1250411 (2).jpg

P1250413 (2).jpg

P1250418 (2).jpg

P1250425 (2).jpg

P1250426 (2).jpg

P1250429 (2).jpg

P1250433 (2).jpg

P1250440 (2).jpg

P1250448 (2).jpg

P1250451 (2).jpg

Jim Kelly-Evans

Senior Insider
Beautiful! Did you spear that Lionfish?

John, no spear fishing is allowed in the marine park, even of the invasive Lionfish. I imagine that there are permits issued when there are organized Lionfish hunting expeditions. Amy, I saw a total of two Lionfish during my three dives.