Nous arrivons!!


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Saturday, May 20

Long day. Original plans for a direct flight is scheduled too late to catch the last Tradewind flight, so our itinerary this year forces us to change planes in Orlando. Alarm goes off at 2:30am to catch our Uber at 3:30am for a 5:30am SWA flight out of Hobby airport. Second leg delayed, but last minute VIP addition, keeps the stress under control. All works out and we are over the hill, through customs, and in the Jimny by 4p. Ahhh. Stop at the SuperU (doesn't roll off the tongue like "the Marché") for provisions, ice, rosé and champagne. An hour of settling in, an hour of relaxing and we're off on our stroll to La Langouste. Contemplate the single remaining lobster in the tank, but opt for the soon to be the undisputed best sole meunière on the island. Lynn had the langouste tagliatelle. Restaurant was busy, not overwhelmed which is a relief. The new waiter, Guillaume, is fast and efficient, although if you attempt to converse in anything but prefect French, you will get a stern grammar lesson. The French do know their language! After a Ti punch (sans glaçons), a bottle of Poulliy-Fuissé (which cut nicely through Lynn's very rich pasta) and little sleep the previous 24hrs, we decide to save the champagne for another night.

Sunday, May 21

Maid-free villa day! A walk down the beach followed by at trip up to Petite Colombe for breakfast. Back at the villa, it's time to blow up the floats, downlead books for the kindles and the rest of the day is set. A pause for ham and cheese on fresh baguettes for lunch and the first bottle of Clos Beylesse is opened.... For dinner the grill is fired up and soon we are enjoying two nice entrecôtes along with roasted potatoes and sautéed green beans. Boisterous post-dinner conversation brings out the stars and it's time to open that champagne and toast them. Got to use a new app called "Skyview" which shows the stars and constellations relative to the phone's orientation. Pretty cool.


"Bags fly free". The third one holds the umbrella and floats, which act as packing material for the always exceeded 1-liter each "souvenirs". Pro-Tip: This picture was taken so that the Tradewind VIP person could more easily identify our bags, for which she was grateful.


First Flamands sunset




Tartare de Thon. Delicious!


Picture snapped after Lynn snuck a bite.


First morning walk


Post-rosé vibes




First champagne toast.
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Welcome guys don't change at all.

Looks like Langouste will be my next choice as a Dover Sole Meuniere stop. The last man standing.


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Great first report and welcome back! Love your photos…you can see the pure contentment on your faces. Enjoy!


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Have been anxiously awaiting the return of P+L for the great vicarious living experience that is your posts!