Peter NJ

Senior Insider
This is insane a Chef was murdered in the parking lot of Viceroy a few days ago shot to death. This is a big shiny new resort only a few years old it would be like getting gunned down at ER on SBH. Very troubling for this island
Peter, looked this up on the net and it appears to has happened in 2012. Unless another chef at the Viceroy was killed.
I def remember another murder of a chef from Viceroy about 2 years ago but I think he was murdered at home this one is in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure this story is true
Wow Peter, that is terrible ! I can't believe it happened at the Viceroy too......actually, when we were there a couple years ago, I didn't see any security ( except at the front gate) ....
That's very troubling .