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Senior Insider
As of 6/9, Living outside of the EU requires the additional step of someone sending your proof of vaccination to the local authorities to receive an approval for entry which you have to upload along with your negative less than 72 hour PCR test to a specific site. WHEW! And if you are renting direct from a Villa Owner, there isn’t a Rental Agency to secure a permit for you. Premium IV opportunity?


SBH Insider
Friends of ours arrived the day after we did, but through SXM. They rent directly from the owner, who, despite numerous requests, never provided a "letter". Neither Winair nor the gendarmes said anything. Could have been "policy" or could have been pure luck. For us, Tradewind were pretty by the book, so YMMV. As an aside, even though our friends had uploaded everything to the Sint Maarten website, the Dutch customs people apparently scrutinized their documents pretty closely. Happily there were no issues.