Les Bananiers


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A must go for dinner for us each visit. Quick drive up the hill from Flamands and we are promptly seated by the rail. I started with a ti punch and Lynn a glass from the dinner's Chablis. Pizza is the plan, but we can't resist appetizers, much to our diet's lament. When will we learn? For me my fourth Tuna Tartare of the trip, including two on this day alone. Nice presentation, with guacamole on top and ginger and a small dollop of wasabi on the side. For Lynn, the duck spring rolls, which are delicious, but maybe a bit greasy for my tastes. For the past umpteen visits we order the "Pizza Fermiere" (famers pizza), but is missing from the menu. After going over the two dozen variations, we are told that the "Chevre Miel" is the replacement. Closer inspection, it is, except the lardons (bacon) have been swapped out with pine nuts. A bit less indulgent, but as good nonetheless. The dessert special was Baba au Rhum. First one we've had and quite good. If enough rhum hadn't been consumed, we were offered the signature Rhum Bananae shots with l'addition. The restaurant was over half full and the waitstaff busy. Until next year.


Tuna Tartare, although a crisp white is a better accompaniment than rhum.


Nems de canard


You know it's good when you're a slice in before taking the picture!


Baba with an aliquot of additional rhum.


What other flavor would one expect at Les Bananiers?


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I really enjoy the pizza and the foods at Bananiers. Worth the trip to Flamands.
The Thai salad,sweetbreads, and tuna tartar are among my personal favorites. Specials too. And an occasional creamy carmelled flotante for dessert usually ends a fine evening.


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We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Les Bananiers. We enjoyed the cocktail of the day - Paloma; Tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, lime juice, agave nectar, salted rim on the rocks, very refreshing. I enjoyed the Thai Shrimp Salad

Anita enjoyed a special salad of guacamole, banana, plantain, tomato, various nuts, etc. scrumptious!


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Both look delicious . . . but I'm especially "sold" on the Thai shrimp salad! Looking so yummy!