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Unarguably, one of the greatest stories ever told has been Mario Puzo's THE GODFATHER. This book takes us from Puzo's need to write a book, and fast, to get money to pay off his huge gambling debts. So in the basement of his merrick Long Island home he taps away on his Olympia while his noisy family clamors above him.

EWe get the story of the book. Then the history of the failing Paramount studio, the rise of Gulf-Western and its purchase of the studio, the hiring of novice movie producer Bob Evans to run the studio and make 20-30 movies in a year. Against all odds, he will make a gangster movie and it turns out to be like no other.

The hiring, actually the settling on the the director, Frances Ford Coppola, the casting, the threats from the Mob as they do not want to be shown as evil Italian Americans and have been fighting hard to overcome that bad impression, and the actual on site stories production problems and successes, to the editing and then the accolades, the awards, and the world wide recognition.

The book includes Color photos. A winner of a movie and now this great story about it and the people who made it happen.