Land and sea trip to the Virgin Islands


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We haven't been to St. Barts in a while but that will change next year. Here's the first part of what we did on this year's Caribbean trip.

We vacationed in the USVI and BVI in late January and early February. We flew into STT and spent two days at Caneel Bay, St. John. Here is a nighttime view of St. Thomas taken at dinner from the sugar mill restaurant. Part of the historic mill is in the foreground.
We then joined a flotilla from Horizon in Nanny Cay, Tortola. We were on a very nice Bavaria 45. The first morning we sailed to Norman Island. After snorkeling the Caves, we watched the Super Bowl at the fancy new Pirates pictured here.
We also snorkeled the Indians the next morning.


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We sailed on to Cooper Island which is much more upscale now than I remember and we had a great dinner there. The next morning we saw this sail by.
After two snorkel stops at the Dogs, we sailed into North Sound and picked up a mooring for another great dinner at Bitter End.

After the race to Anegada the next morning, we found there were no mooring balls to be had so the fleet anchored.


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A lazy afternoon at Loblolly Bay prepared us for a great dinner at Potters By The Sea.

Here's our main dinner ingredient, fresh from the sea.

We saw a great sunset at the anchorage - one of many during the trip.

After dinner, there was time to keep the party going.


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We got started early for a long sail to Marina Cay where we had trouble picking up a mooring with the very short hook on the boat. We ended up putting the swim platform down to make it easy to moor from the stern. I had bruises all over my chest from hanging over the side to pick up moorings on previous days with the short boathook they provided. An advantage of a stern mooring was that we were easily able to spot our boat after we snorkeled Diamond Reef since it was the only one pointed the wrong way! Another advantage was that we were pointed the right way to sail off our mooring and through the cut between Big and Little Camanoe with just our genoa deployed. A long, lazy, downwind sail brought us to Cane Garden Bay. We were greeted by another boat in our flotilla that had spent the previous day at Jost. You can see why we dubbed them "Shameless."

We partied at Quito's after dinner.

The next morning we stopped at Sandy Spit for a stroll around the beach.

A long beat around the West End of Tortola and up the Drake Channel led to a rolly anchorage at Deadman's Bay on Peter Island.


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Never better, Mike. Thanks. We're planning on St. Barts next year so I'll be checking in more frequently.

The last part of our trip was on land at Virgin Gorda.

MIke R

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good to 'll see when you read a few posts it will be like you never left....same s**t..different day:cool:


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We got up early for the short sail back to base where we got a taxi for the last phase of our trip at Biras Creek. We really liked the luxury of long showers and great food but we continued with waterborne adventures on smaller boats like this Folkboat.

It's hard to beat the view from the dining room at Biras.

It was pretty nice from our cottage as well.

We were able to look at the construction at Necker after the fire.

After our last sunrise

we flew out of Virgin Gorda to STT and home.


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was the Baths a mob scene?
We didn't go to the Baths this time because we saw there were cruise ships in Roadtown from the Cooper anchorage. We'd been there many times anyway. The Dogs were a good choice for snorkeling because we got to the lee of Great Dog before the squall hit. I was free diving with a group of scuba divers and saw some rays, etc. We also stopped at a little known reef on George Dog which had some of the best coral. We were alone because there were no mooring balls there and so there was less reef damage.


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Nice photos , the BVI also.....we stayed at both Biras and Peter Island.....great beaches and sunsets for sure. Glad you had a great trip, will maybe see you on St Barths sometime!


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Thanks, Linda. Love Biras - maybe my favorite in the Caribbean. Glad to have seen Peter Island again in the sunshine. Last time it rained 17 inches :-(

Maybe see you on St Barts if you'll be there next February.


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Not sure I saw it, Peter. CGB has changed quite a bit since I first started going. Maybe you can tell from this picture. Quito's is the building above the bow of the boat. That's about 3 times the size it used to be. Myett's is out of the frame to the right. I'll see if I have another photo.

Peter NJ

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Beauty! Ryhmers is the pink hotel all the way on the right of this pic.I have stayed there at least 5 times...Yes Quitos looks like a Mall now compared to when I was a reg.


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Peter: This is a shot of the ketch but plenty of the beach from Rhymers to Myetts is visible as well. I probably have some more.


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Josh - Enjoyed your pictures of the BVI. We were there a year ago, boy time does fly. The sunsets were some of the prettiest I have ever seen, this is from Easter Sunday. Thanks for sharing.



Peter NJ

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Josh thanks for all the CGB pics..Love that bay! When I first started going,Quito's was the size of a shoe box with a tree growing in the middle of the bar...and Stanley still tended bar at Stanleys...local steel pan band played most nights...Staying at Ryhmers on the beach was about $50 a night in season! Magic times