JetBlue Launches Interline Agreement With WINAIR


SBH Insider
Connecting from the Caribbean will be simplified with Jetblue's new connection with Sint Maarten's WINAIR.
New York's JetBlue (B6), is teaming up with Sint Maarten's Winair (WM), also known as Windward Islands Airways International NV. As from November 10th, travelers can now seamlessly connect and have their luggage transferred from a range of destinations within the Jetblue and Winair network.

As part of the partnership, customers checking in with Jetblue, from across their North American network can check their luggage through to their final Winair destination.

For those of us who live near Jetblue serviced cities—and can’t seem to be limited to carry on—this new option could be a good thing.


- Peter
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