From Didier Laplace - Coral Restoration Project


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Didier, I'm a big fan of your work on the island and donated to your cause through SBIPOA last year. With the pandemic we are not coming to SBH, but I would like to support Coral Restoration. Is there a way I can donate online? Merci en advance, John

Hi John Thank you for your message, all is good !! We do not longer have a webpage the moment, so thé only way for us to receive a donation is by wire. As I know that a lot of members of SBIPOA don't have social network I thanks them on a video for our work done in 2020, pls share it with them. let me know if a wire will suits you and I will send you the info.Thanks for thinking of our association Best regards Didier

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Thank you, Didier . . . great work, with many people contributing to the effort and its success. Congratulations!