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We're headed to Florence at the end of September and wondered if anyone has any not-to- be-missed recommendations for Florence and Tuscany. We'll be using an apartment in Florence as home base, we were in Florence for just a day a year ago on a cruise and loved it and knew there was a lot more to see and do - would love any recommendations!
We took our car and hit the road and stopped at the Verrazano Winery, villa and gardens. Just lovely. You can also pre book lunch there. It was the birthplace of the explorer. The Verrazano family sent bricks to NY to use on the bridge, and we sent some there-they are mounted on the walls.

Then a bit further into Tuscany is the city of Sienna-a must on many lists.
Well of course the Uffizzi and David- get tickets online- saves much time. All of Chianti, San Gimignano- and Trattoria Ciri Biri inside the gates- and Sienna and so on. We loved Tuscany- we were there 2 weeks.
Italy is wonderful-I have enjoyed every visit there. Bellaggio was grand. Driving around Lake Como was grand. You will just have to plan a revisit there as well.
Also, go to the Four Seasons for drinks and dinner -- the most spectacular Four Seasons in the collection.

Some more ideas here
you cant go to Florence and not see David...that is the #1 thing to do...it will blow you away....and be very careful as there are many skilled gypsy pick pocketers in Florence..especially around the Bridge of Gold
Mike R said:
and be very careful as there are many skilled gypsy pick pocketers in Florence..

So true! It's the only place where I've been pick pocketed. Luckily I noticed the missing wallet in about 10 seconds, gave my luggage to Laura, rushed back to the gypsies and said a finnish swearword and they handed back my wallet untouched.

In that region, have plenty of Bistecca alla Fiorentina's.

I'd try to head to small villages on top of the hills as much as possible. The regional map by Michelin (available at the Autogrills) has plenty of roads marked as scenery and they really are. Just drive around and you'll guaranteed to find nice wineries, real people, local athmosphere, beautiful vista and the perfect lunch spots.

The bigger cities and tourist "must-do's" get really crowded during the summer and the season is still at full swing in September.
Mike you are so right about DAVID. As the line moved forward, and I turned the corner and beheld that glorious statue, I was so overcome-it truly took my breath away!
I'm stuck in Tuscany for next 3 weeks, what am I to do/see besides what's been suggested above? Staying near Siena... last minute work related trip, but free evenings and weekends. Didn't get a chance to plan ahead. Grazie!
Went to San Gimignano and Volterra today... Bellissimo :)
Perfect weather too!




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Keep the photos coming. Florence is a great destination. In fact all of Italy is super to visit.