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Flamands Beach Vila

The hotel, Baie des Flamands, was pretty badly damaged and torn down many years later and a few other houses had some damage, but most of them survived!

In fact Monique had something called White Sands Cottages back in the day. Sometime well after hurricane Luis, she did tear then down and build a big villa there instead...
The houses may have survived, but the palm industry of the island was destroyed. I do remember it looked like a bomb hit Flamands. That I remember clearly. There was no vegetation at all.

Interesting story of the palm fronds from st barts that were used for the bottles. Those were in Flamands.

It was Hurricane Hugo in 1989. I think White Sands was built after Hugo.
OK, very interesting article you have linked to...
but as it states, it was hurricane Luis in 1995 that did great damage to the palm trees, but as you can see near the Isle de France, that palm grove was not destroyed... and others survived as well..

Rosemond says hurricane Hugo did not hit St Barth... and he should know, he lived here... he can fill you in on just about anything that has happened since 1958!

and Monique's current villa is called Villa Melissa ... I think some forum folks have stayed there recently?
what was the Isle de France before it was that hotel? When was it built? I thought it was built after the big hurricane. Was it a smaller version? Maybe a wooden hotel? Time flies, maybe it was 1995. wow that was 15 years ago! What the heck happened to the past 15 years
White Sands Cottage!! Thats what it was called!

Thanks to all of you on the board, I hooked up with Rosita and I am looking forward to visiting St Barth once again!

Have Bob/Kara stayed at the new Flamands villa yet (1 bedroom), next to SIB JMG? I am anxious for a report/review.
White Sands Cottages was not the Isle de France.. there wasn't anything where the Isle de France is before it was built in the early 90s... it had some damage during Luis in 1995, especially the pool which cracked in many pieces and sunk into the beach...

White Sands Cottages were where Villa Melissa is now.

Taiwana, the hotel next door to Isle de France was much smaller and tucked under the palm trees in those days.....
You really have to wonder why Taiwana expanded?? It's not as if anybody stays there. Yet again this trip, I saw absolutely no sign of life there. Although it is looking much better with the white paint, it is still really unattractive.
I plan on having lunch there next trip as a guest of a friend who owes me a lunch. Full report to follow :)
Eve aka coco2626 said:
It was always called Baie des Flamandes-Isle de France? Is it still called that?

Baie des Flamands was the hotel that was destroyed in Luis...there is no longer a hotel on that property, it is two private villas now. The restaurant at Baie des Flamands was called Le Fregate.

Isle de France is the hotel next door to Taiwana and they are not at all related.. neither was the Isle de France related to the Baie des Flamands. The restaurant at Isle de France is called Case de L'Ile

In the case of Isle de France, they mean Bay of Flamands as the neighborhood...

what are you referring to exactly?
Andynap said:
Ellen- you are the island historian.

Actually it's more Rosemond who has lived here 52 years and was born just steps from the beach in Flamands... all 8 kids were born at home.. it's his 'hood
I figured that but even I knew those answers. But you are the one posting so you get the credit. :up:
I pulled out my Tropical 1991 magazine and there was a hotel called Baie des Flamands-Isle de France.
I wonder why they listed it as one. I will have to go look again
Eve aka coco2626 said:
I pulled out my Tropical 1991 magazine and there was a hotel called Baie des Flamands-Isle de France.
I wonder why they listed it as one. I will have to go look again
Oh Isle de France shows up in the 1991-1992 book
I tried to explain that above.. in the case of Isle de France, they mean Baie des Flamands as the neighborhood where they are located - not part of their name, at least not now...

Isle de France
The formal name of the Ile de France appears to be the Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France. I don't know when Ile turned into Isle. Or has it always been that way?

Ellen, it was indeed Luis that did in the Baie des Flamands. In an earlier thread (now corrected) I said that it was Hugo. Hugo took out the Radio Antilles (The Big RA) radio transmitter on Montserrat, which I used to listen to from SBH. I could be wrong, but I'm remembering that what did happen during Hugo was the sinking of the "Nonstop", somewhere out around Les Gros Islets.