Day Trois..or whatever day it was yesterday..


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Well, yesterday it was blustery, with rain squalls, but we decided to head downtown, because, you know, you can’t exactly shop on the beach..unless you are in St-Tropez or Mexico. 🤪. I hesitate to mention this, but I have mad parking karma for the spaces along the harbor by Cantina and I had almost given up hope..almost..but we got the 2nd to last space, and my karma remained intact😁. Headed over to Cantina for a late light lunch as the big guns were coming out last night, but there is no such thing as a late lunch around here..we missed by 1/2 hour due to the rain delay, so they sent us to Bar de L’Oubli down the street. It is iconic, I know, and I suppose great for people watching, and they have my favorite neon sign, but I don’t suggest you actually eat there. Maybe it is good for drinking? DD actually was pleased with his escargots, I must admit, and I had a mahi-mahi pannini, which didn’t actually have any taste, so go at your own risk. Also, I am sad to report that the fries on a French island there were a crime of lèse-majesté.

Ok, guys, you can skip this part..But I had bigger fish to fry over at my all time favorite store, Vanita Rosa. I have a 20 year love affair that is still going strong, and that is just with Vanita Rosa..(with DD, yesterday was 48 but he doesn’t make linen dresses like Vanita Rosa, just sayin’) but he is the most patient VR assistant customer and gets to watch the ‘fashion show‘ à La Phil at Cheval Blanc (we still refer to it as IDF). We also met the nicest couple and had a grand old time, as it turned out that we are always vacationing in the exact same places, almost at the same time. If you want something that someone else for sure won’t have, Sandra, the most adorable salesperson, will help you out. It is all handmade, orderable on line, too, but watch the sizing. PM me if you need a little advice on some items, as they vary. (Consider this a public service announcement because I don’t do social media😁 should always be ready to help out your girlfriends..)

So we dodged some raindrops, went over to the usual stores..not a lot of time so did a Dior run through where the people were again so nice, but it was a just a reconnoitering kind of day, and checked out sparkling crystal purses in Prada (really, am I having a moment??), where there was a family of the very worst kind, letting their tiny kids run wild, screaming their heads off, running with 4 very expensive purses on the arm of a 2 year old. You can’t make this s**t up, folks. It’s not the first time I have seen this behavior and I suppose I should pray for the parents because their future is in jeopardy when those little darlings become teenagers..or 5 years old, whatever comes first..the Prada people were nonplussed and very, very patient and unfailingly polite, apologetic to the rest of us. The Prada people “vaut le voyage”. Like Schwartzenegger, I will be back..or something like that. You can save some decent $$ on purses if you are in need : ex. 1950 E vs $2300 US plus your sales tax.

Well, I will save last night’s anniversary extravaganza at Ocean Club for my next post…it IS all that and a bag of chips, as we say…
Stopped going to Bar de L’Oubli when they changed from my pancake choice of real maple syrup to high fructose corn syrup :(