Day 5+ Settling in


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Day 5, May 24

With the arrival euphoria slowing down into relaxation and the non-villa activities oriented around the restaurants, thinking of shifting this to another "forum" on the forum. Rainy overnight and into the morning, but cleared off enough to try out our new Jimny battery. Some "Insect Ecran" at the St Jean pharmacy and we head over to Pointe Milou and our KC friend's villa. Lunch reservations at Tí Corail and with the parking being an issue, decided to take their 4-door Kia. Great experience as was the additional couple of hours enjoying the view over Lorient and more catching up. Stopped at Zion to double-check the menu and to make reservations for the next days dinner. A bit more rain when we return to our villa, a phone call to Les Bananiers for dinner reservations and a chance to catch a (Flamands) sunset.

Rainy start to Thursday morning. Found a radar that shows the "blobs" moving from SE to NW across all but the western end of the island. Planned on hanging out here most of the day with lunch on the beach while the maid cleans. Fingers crossed it clears out by then.


Wednesday rainbow


"For our villa we would like a pool, beach access AND a bathroom scale" (said no one ever)


Sunset #1


Sunset #2


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Another great report and a lovely sunset and rainbow to boot! Enjoying your updates very much. We were just on the island for 10 days, and as much as I think about posting (I had a smattering here and there), I just seem to check out. You two are my inspiration to be better on the next trip!