Day 4 - If your 3 year old Jimny has a 3 year old battery*


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Day 4, May 23. (* make sure Odile's number is in your contact list)

Nice morning. Lynn has a couple of Zoom meetings, so I'm sitting, chair in the sand watching the beach walkers go by, when an oddly familiar couple appears. Having responded to his post an hour earlier, it's fellow forum members "cwater" (Charlie and his wife Cheryl). Nice chat and they are on their way. Free from work, we jump into the Jimny for the first real trip into Gustavia and NOTHING! "Odile! Le battery est mort!" Amazingly, one of her people appears at the pre-arranged spot in front of the nearby épicerie in maybe ten minutes. Jump start and we are on our way. End up parking past the post office. Drawing on past experiences before we could afford new cars, and before we head out on foot, I give the engine a try and ...NOTHING! "Odile! Encore!". Soon, a likely close family member arrives with a new battery. He explains that they last about three years and our Jimny is three years old. "c'est normal". While I wait, Lynn wanders over to Tech where she narrows her choices of hearts to three, with the bigger one being the final purchase to add to our small collection back home. Stop to chat with a couple of friends from California at Le Select and we're headed back to Flammands and lunch with Mme Rolande.

Having passed by numerous times over the years, we finally stopped a couple of visits back at Chez Rolande. Creole food in a very low-key setting along the main road in Flamands and a wonderful host/chef, Mme Rolande. She was closed during our visit last year, so to see the shutters open upon arrival to the villa was a welcoming sight. There is a menu posted on the road, but what is being served is on the chalkboard she sets out. After sharing a plate of Langouste Accras, Thought about the chicken colombo, but opted for the "Duo" plate each, which was grilled tuna and mahi-mahi with creole sauce and a number of sides. Dessert was a shared Coco Sorbet (coco, cinnamon and almond). She is the hostess, waitress, bartender and cook. With only one other table, there is plenty of time to practice "franglish" and hear opinions on the weather, island construction, etc.... If you go, her CC reader had an issue with our credit card, so I had to make a run to the villa for some Euros. Meal very reasonable at 100€ for two including shared entrée, plat each, shared dessert and a bottle of rosé.

Reading and relaxation in the villa, before we dress and with fingers crossed, the Jimny starts right up and we are off to Saline and dinner with Jean-Claude. L'Esprit has become our hands down favorite and tonight doesn't disappoint. We are warmly greeted by Tof and are seated toward the back with Lynn still having a view of the kitchen. The 70€ prix fixe is one of the island bargains. Restaurant was quite busy with the entire team in constant motion between the guests and the frequent "clap-claps". A brief shower gave us a chance to savor our remaining wine to the accompanying chorus of frogs. Ahhh St Barths.


Langouste Accras with a creole sauce


Duo plate


Selfie with Mme Rolande




Menu for week of May 22


Foie Gras with Apple and Grape Chutney


Mushroom ravioli with shrimp


Pork loin with fruit reduction


Wagyu beef


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Nice coverage of your visit to Chez Rolande! I might have had to order the Fricassée de Lambi. I haven’t had a good Conch Stew in a long time.
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Wonderful report, with great “food porn!” I’m enjoying every thought of the fun you’re having.