Day 2 - Saline, Sunset & Pizza June 25


SBH Insider
With an "early" rise and breakfast on the patio, the better part of the day was then spent poolside.

As forecast, what little wind there was completely died down in the afternoon, and the decision was made to hit Saline for a wind free experience. Our previous two visits saw steady winds and less than favorable conditions at Saline and Gouverneur. Today was not like that, with very little wind, and at times absolutely zero wind, minimal wave action and almost zero sargassum, it was a very nice visit and a great way to kill a couple of hours.

Back at the villa for another stunning sunset

Then off to L'isoletta for pizza and chardonnay. We had been craving this pizza since last year, and it did not disappoint. We will be back at least once more this trip, likely twice.


Senior Insider
Sounds like a perfect day! And the sunset was spectacular . . . I could hardly take my eyes off of it as I prepared dinner.