Complete Guide To Avoiding Mosquito Bites


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Complete Guide To Avoiding Mosquito Bites

Preparation at home

  • Bring Insect Repellent with high DEET concentration. REPEL 100 and OFF Deep Woods Sportsmen have 98 % DEET. Walmart and Target are 2 places to get it. Amazon is advertising 100% DEET products now.
  • For those who have a problem with DEET, REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus is a good alternative.
  • Picaridin- a non-DEET product- has been shown to be a little more effective than DEET. It can be found online at Amazon or in REI stores as Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent.
  • Take 100 mgs of Vitamin B1 starting 10 days before the trip and continue throughout the trip.
  • Bring an Electric Racquet Bug Zapper.
  • Bring light colored clothes. Women may want to consider long pants for the evening.

  • Ask your Villa agent to have your villa sprayed for flying insects inside and outside before you get there. Ask if there is a mosquito net over the bed- you want one.
  • Bring Benadryl anti-itch spray.
  • Do not bring scented soaps, perfumes, deodorants or hair sprays

In St. Barts

· Buy 2 cans of BAYGON Flying Insect Spray at Marche U or L'Oasis. The can has graphics so you can tell if it's for crawling or flying insects.

At the Villa

· Every night when you go out, spray the bathroom with Baygon- it's humid and wet and breeding ground for mosquitoes
· Every morning when you go outside for the first time, spray under all tables and chairs with Baygon. Make sure you have long pants, shirt and shoes or flip- flops on.
· Use the Electric Racquet Bug Zapper. Bug Coils and Plug-ins are OK inside but don't do much outside.
· Keep the Air Conditioner on inside always.
· Watch for places that collect water- plant container dishes are one. Dump the water.
If you eat outside in the morning, keep the Baygon and Electric Racquet Bug Zapper handy.
Do not use scented personal products like soaps, perfumes, hair spray or deodorant.

Personal Protection

. Use as much DEET as you are comfortable with. Mosquitoes now bite from dawn to dusk and will also hide in the shade and under tables and chairs at all times.
· Wear light colored clothes and long pants at night.
· If bitten, use the Benadryl spray.
If you feel sick, like the flu, go to the Hospital right away.
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It's what I do since I am a magnet for bites. I'm sure I left something out which someone can fill in.


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Andy, you left off perhaps most important element: choose a villa which benefits from brisk and constant breezes through exposure to the trade winds.


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How about assembling a list of villas with fully screened living areas.

I realize it's somewhat heretical, in light of the open design of most houses in the tropics. But we stayed in two villas with screens on our last visit, and I have to admit, it was great!


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We have never stayed anyplace that didn't have screens so I didn't think of it. Screens are on the list now. There is no such list so ask your agent or owner.


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I've never stayed anywhere that is totally screened. Open air areas predominate most villas. Screened pools? Screened central areas? Bedrooms, yes.


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I've never stayed anywhere that is totally screened. Open air areas predominate most villas. Screened pools? Screened central areas? Bedrooms, yes.
Like this one.


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Thanks so much for the guide! We have had problems on and off at different villas, even the ones very high up. The mosquitoes always seem to find a way to hide out of the wind. We have always used coils but sometimes nothing seems to help. I never thought about asking the villa agency to spray. We will definitely do that next spring as well as the rest of the hints!!! I hate mosquitoes!!!!!!


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Thank you, Andy.

Of course, I read this over our last breakfast this am. My wife is a veritable mosquito magnet, as am I this year for some reason. I think it may be medication related.

Even in breezy Colombier, this year the bugs are horrific.

Ive made a note to reread your post before we arrive next year.


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Thanks. BTW I should edit the when mosquitoes fly section. The Chickengunya mosquito flies during the day. [h=2][/h]


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I find that I see less buzzing near me when I am in light colored clothing. This anti mosquito advice that Andy has put together is really important to read before heading down-be prepared!