Common French Phrases


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Great start..I find that these simple phrases simply don't come to mind in a timely fashion. But I will keep trying....


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Many years ago I was hanging out on St Pierre ( ) at the same time as a University of Toronto French Immersion class was on the tiny island. There were a few students looking for the salle de bain, who were gently educated that they were really looking for la toilette.

Me, I can still taste the worldclass Cocquilles St Jacques that I had on St Pierre. One night I even went for (early) First Dinner, and then again for (late) Second Dinner. The scallops only got better the second time around. Seafood in a fishing port - gotta be good! Hmm, I do something similar with Mahi on St Barth, LOL.

The students from UoT were much more socially acceptable than the passengers, who I found years later, coming off of the Cats from SXM and calling out "Ou est la bibliothèque".