BVI's on a sailboat trip report

Wonderful report, Martin. Thanks! Brought back many, many great memories. If you liked the BVI, you would love the Grenadines. Ever sailed there?
Martin, loved your report. It made me think of our trip too long ago. Dave and I can't wait to see you and Lisa and talk about it.
Thanks for the wonderful report! We were on a 47ft monohull this Feb 8-15 sailing around the BVI's. It was fabulous!! I totally agree with you about the food at Pirates Bight on Norman. It was the best meal on shore we had the whole trip! We'll be back next year and we'll definitely try some of the things you did that we didn't especially Anegada.
Anegada could take up 3 or 4 days if you are into hiking. The restaurants were great too.

We were on the boat until around Feb 1st. Already planning another trip, next time a big cat I think. And maybe just Lisa and I, I think it will be fun... Im also researching the Spanish Virgins ,,, maybe a trip there too....