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Try L'esprit de Jean Claude. Very nice setting and superb food. Go early to avoid long waits.


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Agree with your thoughts regarding lunch at Isle de France. Enjoyed it more than Eden Rock during our last visit. Unfortunately, Bonito was not open during our late October trip- really wanted to enjoy the menu and ambiance of the restaurant.


Cass, did you really dig up this thread, three year buried, for those dick comments? I must be missing something here.


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Spaghetti what?

Just following in the footsteps of SuperMod, Tim.



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Agree on Maya's as a 'toss up'.
Of all of the ones you listed, Bonito is the most 'happening' place as well. It is always full of music and is vibrant both in the restaurant area as well as in the bar. The little store at the entrance stays open late and is worth a stop, especially for the ladies.

Bart -my real name-

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Why doesn't anyone go here? This place never seems to get any press in the forum.

My wife and I walked up there one night while wandering around town looking for a place to eat. We didn't have reservations and all the tables at the windows were taken, but it looked like a cool place. Although if I remember correctly, nothing on the menu really grabbed our attention and it was pretty pricey. However, if there was an open window seat, we probably would have stayed.


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It is a lovely restaurant with a world-class sunset view over the harbor. The staff was attentive and welcomed my questions. When I couldn't decide on the wine (by the glass), I was given a taste of several to choose from. The music was low and appropriate for the space. I found my meal (sea bass) to be delicious and worth every penny. The only thing that detracted from the otherwise perfection was the patrons who were allowed to smoke. Fortunately, I was at a "window" seat and there was a nice breeze.

It's still on my rotation, for the record.

This is a very nice place for an early-evening meet up prior to dinner, too. (Photo borrowed from Bonito's webpage)

Bonito Reception.jpg


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great food at bonito's, have not been there for awhile, but its definitely worth going to and the view is amazing.


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The views are just as good as they were for La Mandala :)

And just as good as they were for L'Hibiscus, when the rooms below were a hotel, Bernard and Dennis were the waiters (flipping back and forth between St Bart and St Tropez as the seasons required), and Natasha was the face of the business. I wonder what is hidden away in the old swimming pool in the center of the restaurant?